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Offer: ITC Provider Accreditation & Customer Endorsement

I am contacted regularly by ITC providers, many of whom want to know what my ITC plans are.

Typically, my personal plans revolve around making best use of existing internet applications, with minimal ITC need. Some occasional needs are covered in other discussion topics here.

ITC Service Accreditation
Instead, an ITC provider can work with me to develop a "standard" service profile, and deliver ITC supported by open customer service dialogue. This can be managed within CollectiveX communities, and forms a base for "promotional activity" and "customer referral".

The key to this lies in two stages. Firstly opting in to key and unique service provision statements, developed jointly with me, and then ensuring customers have an independent and open escalation path for documented issues that may arise.

1) ITC Service Statements - Promoting Reputation
An ITC provider may state they provide "24/7 ITC Support", but what does that mean ? Too many service provision statements are "glib", and actually turn off potential buyers. Exploring what the service actually provides can highlight specific USPs, which may be what a specific customer is looking for. The challenge then is to turn that profile back into a set of punchy but truthful one-liners, which "do what they say on the can".

It is worth an ITC provider spending some time explaining and bouncing ideas off a third party who does not intimately understand their ITC service. This can clarify the service offering from the perspective of an external buyer, not the vendor's own day to day internal view !

ITC providers will also find they benefit from my customer service experience, where in one instance my team grew a retail customer base from 60,000 to 160,000.

2) Customer Service & Escalation
It can actually be a great advert to have your customer service visible. Although it may seem strange to show customers where you have had difficulties, in fact it shows you are not prepared to let customers walk away.

The best customers are those that complain and stay, the worst those that just walk, and use another provider. The cost of finding new customers is huge compared with the cost of retaining existing customers, this is well known. And yes, some customers are a pain, but this way it's you in charge of who you let walk ! And you have an independent accreditor to back up your point of view !

Having your customer service visible is actually a positive step, and having an accredited service gives your customers confidence that any disagreement can be assessed fairly by an independent body. A tight service provision statement can make difficult customers much more manageable.

Added Benefit - Customer Self Support
An added benefit is customer interaction. Look at all the support forums which now have customers helping each other. That's time a provider doesn't have to spend directly sorting out customer problems.

Added Benefit - Demonstrating Niche Expertise
If a provider wants to develop and promote niche expertise to their customers and potential customers, they can publish articles on CollectiveX which show what they can do, and how they differ from competitors. Not bad for one platform !

Contact Me
If this is interesting, join this CollectiveX forum and contact me directly to discuss how I can help your business move forward in the more connected and reputation oriented Enterpise 2.0 world.

Edited Sat, Sep 27, 2008 8:41 AM

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