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Visible Niche Excellence
A host website is a great way of showing core skills, but it can't react to day to day events and emerging trends. Blogs and community forums are a better vehicle for businesses to respond quickly and flexibly to daily events, showing customers how they as a provider would tackle specific problems.

Membership Rules aims to create just such a centre of excellence across business, organisational and transformational disciplines, such that:

  • Customers have a better idea what to expect from providers
  • There is a transparency and an acknowledgement of skills practiced which practitioners can use to fine tune service delivery

We want to prove once and for all that openness and sharing lead to more reward for those who practice as they preach. 

Current Membership Forums
Membership forums currently exist for the following disciplines:

Whatever your discipline, this is your chance to be in at the start of the movement to demonstrably show what our reputations mean to client and consumer communities.

Developing Standards & Demonstrating Excellence 
Forums are set up to suggest, develop, refine and support the setting up of standards or codes of practice. Practioners can clearly state they adhere to these or not, depending on their speciality. New forums can be requested through the General Discussion forum.

This activity allows practitioners to demonstrate excellence, and form relationships with co-providers who may have complemetary skills. This may lead to the set up of virtual organisations which provide a more holistic service to clients who need skills quickly and flexibly.

Supporting Web Pages
Once codes of practice are in place, they will be transferred to practice codes web pages that distil practice into accessable and concise formats, available to practitioners and clients to serve as support and promotion for both the practice rules and the practitioner.

Benefits of Early Membership
Those who join early have the chance to build their activity profile, be pivotal and gain accreditation in the setting of standards, and enhance their reputation by inviting others to join and build the core code of practice for their discipline.

As the knowledge and community base develops, there will be higher levels of membership as practitioners grow their businesses.

Inclusive Membership
This is not an exclusive club. Some clients may require bigger teams with same skill sets to complete certain activities, and other clients may be in different locations.

There is an annual membership fee of £60 pa to gain and retain accreditation. 

In short, welcome to one and all, but remember that your membership depends on openness, and your value comes from your own activity levels.

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    You can ask for code of practice accreditation in this forum for a renewable annual fee of GBP60. Accreditations will also be announced here by the Group Manager. Un-accredited advertising in discussion forums will be removed.

    Profile Image for Peter Jones Latest post by Peter Jones on Tuesday, October 21, 2008
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    Announcements for Membership Rules - OK

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    How can organisations evolve and operate effectively ?

    Profile Image for Peter Jones Latest post by Peter Jones on Friday, May 16, 2008
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    How do customers expect to be treated after sales ? How do providers deal with complaints ?

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    How do trainers and educators provide value for their customers ? How do they ensure that the value of the training is understood and delivered ?

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    True deployment and use of talent. No more talent wastage, and recruitment satisfaction to move from 40% to 90%.

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    What can a customer expect from a Finance Advisor ? What sort of business modelas can the advisor offer ? What splits does the advisor have between small businesses and large corporates, and between retail and B2B facing clients ?

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    General Discussions about Membership Rules - OK

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    This forum contains discussions related to headlines and links.

    Profile Image for Peter Jones Latest post by Peter Jones on Friday, May 2, 2008
  • ITC

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    How to run your computer, communications and internet applications to best effect, delivering maximum bang for your buck

    Profile Image for Peter Jones Latest post by Peter Jones on Wednesday, October 15, 2008
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    Helping others to improve their lives

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    What behaviours can a customer expect from a Marketer ? How does the marketer create value for the client and share in that through different charging schemes ?

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    In order to survive, every business needs to innovate. This forum is all about product development, how every business grows, whether it be through product range or though internal or supplier change.

    Profile Image for Peter Jones Latest post by Peter Jones on Friday, March 27, 2009
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    How are service standards set and maintained ? How is tax payer money spent most effectively ? How is playing politics and career interest removed from the delivery of effective public services ?

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    Submitting agreed codes of practice to go onto web pages means that proponents will be attributed to that code.

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    What standards of excellence do customers expect in a retail operation ? Are the toilets clean and hygienic ? Is there choice and value ? Is customer service excellent ?

  • 1 Topic, 1 Post

    State here client engagement policies. Doing so is a useful step forward when tendering for UK contracts with public sector bodies and other large corporations. If any overseas client requires assistance with this, please message Group Moderators.

    Profile Image for Peter Jones Latest post by Peter Jones on Friday, March 27, 2009

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